PayPal Demo

To see the full process until the email notification, please use your real email, we don’t keep them because we hate spam.

There are 2 ways to pay for the appointments:

1. Pay directly in the form just after appointment done
2. Pay with the link sent in email notification (on booking, on approval, appointment reminders)

In both cases, you can disallow payment for not approved appointments by setting option allow payments for approved appointments only.

Important: if the default status of your appointments is awaiting approval, make sure you’ve included the payment link to the on approval email message.

You can also setup the plugin to delete not paid appointments within a predefined time.
For more information, take a look doc at Getting started – Appointments.

In all cases, the statuses are displayed in the Appointments tab where you can easily have an overview, sort and manipulate them.

For the step Pay now with PayPal, use and 11223344 as password.

PS : Remember that design and wording are completely customizable. Click here for more information. You can also add custom fields to suit your needs.