Webba Booking has been designed and developed to have a grip as simple as possible and has almost endless application options.

Explore the possibilities of the most flexible WordPress booking plugin.

Full Appearance Customization

80+ appearance customization options, 79 design presets and more customization options.

Flexible Scheduling

Fully flexible scheduling options with unlimited services, business hours and calendars.

Simple Administration

Straightforward but feature-filled administration in the backend.

Notifications & Reminders

Fully customizable E-mail and SMS notifications and reminders.

Secure Online Payments

Choose Paypal, Stripe, or Woocommerce (with its 100+ gateways).

Powerful integrations

Integrations with Woocommerce, Zoom and Google Calendar (2-Ways).

Extensive Booking Features

You can choose between the basic mode for a fast and simple booking process and the extended mode for advanced time search. 

Here’s the full list of booking features:

  • Editable date and time format
  • Users local time in time slots.
  • Form for one or multiple services
  • Group services by categories
  • One or multiple bookings per time slot
  • Hidden or visible (with option to add users data) booked time slots
  • Mask input control for phone numbers
  • Option to hide form after booking
  • Option to do a unique booking form for each service
  • Redirection after booking with javascript API
  • Different time slot formats for short or extended presentation
  • Single or multiple bookings in one session
  • Option to limit appointments count in multiple mode
  • Option to skip time or date selection
  • Option to control count of applicants required for booking
  • Popup or dropdown date inputs
  • Cancellation of appointment by user without registration
  • Buffer option to prevent cancellation just before the appointment time
  • Unlimited custom fields with CF7 integration

Full Appearance Customization

  • 80+ options for appearance customization
  • 79 design presets
  • Editable frontend texts
  • Fully responsive plugin

Flexible Scheduling

  • Unlimited services, business hours and calendars
  • Option to add holiday dates
  • Option to lock/unlock any single date or time slot
  • Chain booking (merge multiple service calendars in a single schedule)
  • Mass operations: lock/unlock dates or time slots in a range
  • Responsive backend calendar
  • Time hole optimization options
  • Option to prevent booking for some period from today

Simple Administration

  • Manual appointments in the backend
  • Shortcode builder
  • Responsive appointments table
  • Booking form appearance preview
  • Group services by categories
  • CSV export
  • Options for sharing access to Services with other WP users.
  • Options for backend customization
  • Easy translation from backend
  • Approval or cancellation of appointments with the link sent in the notification (without logging to dashboard)

E-mail and SMS notifications and reminders

  • Email notification to the user and administrator on booking
  • Email notification to the user when the administrator approves or cancels the appointment
  • Email notification to the administrator when the customer cancels the appointment
  • Email notification to other users added in the booking form (invitation)
  • Appointment reminder (date to be defined)
  • Administrator’s agenda for the next day
  • Invoice (sent to user on booking or on approval)
  • Any notification on booking, invoice and reminder sent to a user can be unique for each service
  • All messages and subjects fully editable
  • Opportunity to add images in the notifications
  • Full compatibility with the popular SMTP plugins
  • SMS notification on booking and SMS reminders

Online Payments

  • Secured online payment through Paypal (all currency support), Stripe or the 100+ payment gateways from WooCommerce
  • Individual price for each service
  • Tax option
  • Sandbox/Live modes
  • Automatic update of appointment status when payment is made
  • Option to delete not-paid appointments within a predefined time
  • Payment in the booking form or with the link sent in the email notification
  • Pricing based on the number of booked time slots, amount of people or custom field values.
  • Special prices for early booking, particular dates, day of the week, time.
  • Coupon system

Google Calendar Integration

  • Sending of data about appointment/reservation to Google Calendar administrator
  • Automatic update or deletion of data in Google Calendar when updating data in Webba Booking
  • Multiple calendars
  • Access for wp users to authorized calendars
  • When events are added to Google Calendar, time slots that cover those events ‘length’ are automatically blocked in Webba Booking