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    Would it be possible to add a field in the backend to add the corresponding tax that will be applied to the payment in cash or by transfer, to indicate separately the total and the total sub?

    Currently we only have the #total_amount.




    Can you please, point out where you need to show this information? Is it in the “Booking done” message?


    Hi again,
    you’re going to end up tired of me today 😛

    I would like the information to appear in the confirmation email, the template is something like this:
    Request the reservation of:

    Reserved classroom: #service_name
    Selected date: #appointment_day
    booking time range #time_range
    Cost of the reservation: #total_amount

    well, #total_amount only show the price of the service I fill in “sevices details”, but I would need if it is possible, to show subtotal price before applying the tax, and total with the corresponding tax, as in this example:

    Cost of the reservation

    Subtotal: #Subtotal_amount
    Tax: #Tax_amount
    Total: #total_amount

    thanks a lot (one more time)


    Thank you for details. So, to resume, you need 2 additional placeholders #subtotal_amount and #tax_amount. I’ve just added this in our plans.



    The new version 3.3.82 is out.

    New placeholders added: #subtotal_amount, #tax_amount

    You can update in the Plugins page of your WordPress or download the new version from Envato.


    I’ve seen it this morning, thank you very much for the support and implementation!

    Great plugin. Better support.



    The new placeholders added #subtotal_amount, #tax_amount
    should conform with setting:

    The number of digits in the fractional part of the price > In my case 2.

    What do you think?


    >> he new placeholders added #subtotal_amount, #tax_amount

    Yes, this will be fixed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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