The PayPal payment process

The PayPal payment process

To ensure that your payment system is up and running, please check the following:

– Your Paypal tab from Settings page is fully and correctly filled.

– The service that requires an online payment is set to Paypal
(check Add a service – step 12).

– Your Email notification contains the payment link placeholder (@ dashboard > Webba Booking >Setting > Email notifications > Message to a customer (on booking).

– Link to the page with Webba Booking form, the last field @ Settings > Email notifications contains the URL that will be used for the payment process, among others. In this page, you will not forget to put the shortcode.

Once the reservation is complete, you should have the following button appear on the screen to invite you to an online payment.

By clicking on it, the detail of the operation is indicated according to your settings and you are invited this time to confirm your payment by Paypal.

Two options are available to you:

1. You confirm your payment and therefore, arrive on the Paypal page with the amount of your transaction.

2. You leave this page without paying. You will still be able to pay later by using the payment link you find in your notification email.

Here the email used for our demo, as an example.