Working with the schedules

To work with the schedules you need to go to the Schedule page:

Note that the Schedule page is available to all users with the administrator rights and also to those users who gained access to at least one service while editing the service’s properties (see services management).

Loading a schedule

To load a schedule you need to click on the button with the name of the service for which the schedule needs to be displayed:


As a result, a schedule for the current week will be displayed. To view the schedule for the following week, you need to click the Show next week button at the bottom of the schedule.

Close the day

Makes a day unavailable for booking. To perform this operation, you need to click on the Close under the title with the date.


Note that if the day that you close already has a booked appointment, it’ll remain active.

Open the day

Lets a date be available for booking. Is used in the case when you need to make a holiday a working day or in the case when the date which was previously closed for booking by using the Close the day function, needs to be open for booking again. To perform this operation you need to click on the Open under the title with the date:


Close the time

Lets you close a certain time on a certain date for booking. Click the icon with the unlocked padlock on time slot you want to close to perform this operation:


Open the time

Lets you open the time which was previously closed for booking with the help of the function Close the time. Click the icon with locked padlock to perform this operation:


Adding an appointment

This function allows the administrator to add an appointment manually. Can be used in the case when the customer didn’t book an appointment on the website but booked an appointment through other means, for example, by phone.

To add an appointment you need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Click the icon with + symbol on the time slot:


Add appointment dialog will be displayed.

Step 2. Enter the Name of the customer.

Step 3. Enter the Email of the customer.

Step 4. Enter the Phone of the customer.

Step 5. Enter the items count (available if the service max. items per time slot parameter is more than 1).

Step 6. Enter the Custom data (optional).

Step 7. Enter the Comment (optional).

Step 8. Click Add button.


View the details of the appointment

If the time is booked, the client’s name will be displayed to the right of the time. To see the details of your booking, you need to click on the name:


In the dialog box you will see the details of the booking:


Deleting an appointment

To delete an appointment you need do the following steps:

Step 1. Click on the name:


Step 2. Click Delete appointment button:


Schedule tools

– Date auto lock / unlock

Date Auto Lock and   Date Auto Unlock are tools that allow you to lock or unlock any date range in one go and to exclude chosen dates from inside this range.

In the Date Auto Lock example below, we have selected the test service schedule, locked the dates from 01/11/2016 to 11/30/2016 and excluded the Wednesday of the month. (11/02 / 2016.11 / 09 / 2016.11 / 16 / 2016.11 / 23 / 2016.11 / 30/2016)


To validate this selection with exclusions and effectively implement them in the selected schedule, click on Start.

– Time slot auto lock / unlock

Time slot auto lock and Time slot auto unlock are tools that allow you to lock or unlock any ranges of time slots in a given range of dates. To perform auto lock / unlock you need to:

Step 1. Click the button Time slot auto lock
Step 2. Select a service or a category
Step 3. Set the range of dates.
Step 4. Set the range of time slots.
Step 5. Click the Start button.