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System hanging after service(s) selected


The system hangs after service is selected in the single-service booking mode or when a customer clicks on the Start booking button in the multi-service booking mode.


Solution 1

If the php memory limit on your server is 256 mb or less, consider increasing it. Please, contact your hosting provider for more information on how to do that.

Solution 2

Please, open the User interface tab of the Webba settings page and reduce the value of the option Number of dates in the calendar. You can reduce it by approximately 15-25 percent. For example, if the value equals 360, set 300, if the value equals 200 – set 150. After the value is reduced try again your booking form. If the problem persists, try to reduce the value again. You can repeat this operation several times.

If the described solutions didn’t help, please contact the Webba Booking support. 

For the premium version support, use the Contact us page in the Webba Booking menu in your WordPress dashboard.

If you are using the free version, feel free to create a new thread on the forum.