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Creating your translation

Notice: Most of the frontend wording is translatable at Translation tab of the Settings page.

You can create the translation in a few simple steps. Choose the tool that suits you best (list below).

With PoEdit

Step 1. Download and install the poEdit editor (download link).

Step 2. Rename the languages/wbk.pot file to wbk-xx_XX.po where xx_XX is your locale (full list of locales available here)

Step 3. Open wbk-xx_XX.po in poEdit and set the translation sentences.

Step 4. Compile the mo-file in poEdit (from the File menu).

Step 5. Upload po and mo files to the languages folder of the plugin.

Step 6. Make sure you’ve set the correct language on the WordPress General Settings page.

With LocoTranslate

This plugin is available on, click here.


Another plugin available here.

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