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The key concepts


Service is a main key concept of Webba Booking plugin. It represents information about different areas of company’s activities. For each service, the administrator sets unique business hours, notification parameters, etc. Service entity is a base for sharing an access between WordPress users(administrators, editors, own contributors, etc..). For information about operation with services (add, edit, delete) see Services management chapter of this documentation.


Each service has his schedule with unique business hours, closed or opened days, closed or opened time slots, appointments. The schedule can be managed by the administrator or by WordPress user with access to the service of this schedule (more information about access management can be found on Service management section of this documentation). Webba Booking plugin provides the following functions to work with the schedule:

View days and time slots in special calendar format developed with a to be displayed on any device.
Close any default date (make it unavailable for booking).
Open any default date (make it available for booking).
Close any default time slot (make it unavailable for booking).
Open any default time slot (make it available for booking).
View appointments (short and detailed view).
Delete appointments.
Add appointments manually.


Appointment’s key concept is a part of the schedule. It holds information about:

Customer name.
Customer phone.
Customer E-mail.
Booked items count.
Date and time of appointment.