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Examples of manual shortcode usage

[webba_booking] – The regular shortcode that allows visitors to select Service.

[webba_booking service="x"] – Shortcode for the service with id = x (in this case, selection of service will be
omitted and the user will book the service x

[webba_booking category="x"] – Here, the shortcode shows only services related to the category with id = x

[webba_multi_service_booking] – Here, the shortcode to use in case of multi-service usage

[webba_email_landing] – To use if you need a dedicated page on your website for the links sent by email (links for payment or sending events to a customer’s Google Calendars).

Display list of categories

If you group your services into categories, you can then display the list of categories with the following shortcode:
[webba_booking category_list="1"]
Your customer will be prompted to select the category first and then select a service.

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