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Understanding the statuses

There are five statuses available for booking in Webba Booking plugin:
1. Awaiting approval. Means booking is not paid and not approved by a service administrator.
2. Approved. Means booking is approved by an administrator but not paid.
3. Paid (awaiting approval). Means the booking is paid, but not approved by a service administrator.
4. Paid (approved). Means the booking is paid and approved by an administrator.
5. Arrived – The customer has arrived. This status can be set by the service administrator.
The default status, assigned to new appointment booked at the front end can be Awaiting approval or Approved. For more information about default status, please, take a look  at Manage appointments

To work with the appointments you need to go to the Appointments page.

Set the filters (date range and services) to display the appointments.

You can also select all services or services from a category.

Appointments will be presented in a table.

To sort the rows, click on the column title.

Add an appointment

Step 1. Click on Create new.

Step 2.  Complete the form and click save.

Edit an appointment

Step 1. Click on the icon to open the item.

Step 2. Change the data you want and click save.

Delete an appointment

Click on the icon, then confirm your deletion by clicking on the blue Delete button.