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Dashboard > Webba Booking > Coupons

In this section, you can create as many coupons as you want and assign them to services

Let’s create one!

Step 1. Click on Create new

Step 2. Give a name to your coupon.

Step 3. Set the Usage limit  Define here the number of payments for which your coupon will be applicable. If you leave the field empty, the number of payments will be unlimited.

Step 4. Define the time period for which your coupon will be valid.

Step 5. Choose the service or services for which your coupon may apply.

Step 6. Set the reduction percentage you want to apply or a fixed amount.

Step 7. Click save.

Then, to activate the coupon system in Webba Booking, go to the Settings page on General tab (bottom page) and set Coupons to Enabled.