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Cancellation by the customer

Enable this option to show the cancel button in the booking process.

(To set the text of the Cancel button, edit the Booking cancel button text on the Translation tab of the Settings page.)

The Cancel button here allows you to cancel the current appointment/booking procedure to return to a blank start form.

Cancel link

You can allow your customers to cancel their appointment setting by adding a cancel link in their notification email simply by adding a placeholder. (Settings page, Email notifications tab)

For this link to work, you must define a landing page to confirm this operation of cancellation.  (Settings page, Email notifications tab) where you will place Webba Booking Email landing shortcode also.

So, you create a page, name it as you wish and place the following shortcode inside:
 – To use if you need a dedicated page on your website for the links sent by email (links for payment or sending events to a customer’s Google Calendars).

Cancellation buffer

You can set a period before the date of the appointment for which cancellation is no longer allowed. (Settings page, Appointments tab).