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Cancellation by the customer

Enable this option to show the cancel button in the booking process.

The Cancel button allows you easily restart or cancel the appointment/booking procedure you’re customers making to return to a blank start form.

To set the text of the Cancel button, Go to Webba Booking Settings>Wording/Translation and set the text in the Booking cancel button text.

Cancel link

By adding a placeholder, you can easily allow your clients to cancel their appointment settings by including a placeholder in their confirmation email. Go to Webba Booking>Settings>Email Notification>Message to a customer (on booking). Include your preferred cancellation message for your customer in your confirmation email.

Take note, for this cancellation link to work, you must define a landing page to confirm this operation of cancellation. Click here to learn how to define your landing page.

Cancellation buffer

You can set a period before the appointment date for which cancellation is no longer allowed. Go to Webba Booking>Settings>Booking rules>Cancellation buffer (minutes).