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What is a service?

A service represents something that must be planned in the Webba booking language. It can be equipment hire, appointments for salesmen, booking a golf course. Everything is imaginable here.

You can create unlimited Services with their schedule and booking rules. Provide access to the schedule of service to your staff.

If you need to connect services to each other, there is an option (auto-lock) to enable. This allows you to automatically lock the time slots of all services when booking.

For example, some companies may have only one device used by several services, in which case it makes sense to make the service unavailable for booking on all schedules of other services as long as it is reserved by one of them.

Auto lock is independent of duration or business hours because the algorithm analyzes the intersections between time slots.

Your staff has access to his schedules and also, you can have access to all the appointments from all the schedules in the appointment tab. There you can filter with all kind of data like name, email, date range, Services, etc… and display as a table. A great function to have a quick overview of whatever you’re looking for.