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Service categories: add, edit, delete

Since the version 3.1.1, you can group your services into categories.

With Service categories, you can setup the shortcode to display only services of a selected category on front-end. This feature also can be used to limit the scope of the auto lock.

To work with the categories, you need to go to the Service categories page.

Add a category

Click on Create new to create a new category.

Step 1. Give it a name that is self-explanatory to remember its function and use.
Step 2. Select the services you want to include in this last.
Step 3. Click save.

Edit a category

Step 1. Click on the edit icon.

Step 2. Update the content and/or the name as needed.
Step 3. Click Save.

Delete a category

Step 1. Click on the delete icon.

Step 2. Click on Delete button to confirm your operation.