Services management

To work with the Services go to the Services page of the plugin:

Adding the Service

To add a new Service you need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Click the Add service button under the services table:


Step 2. Enter the Name of the service.

Step 3. Enter the Description of the service.

Step 4. Enter the Email of the service. This last will be used for sending notifications about bookings of the appointments.

Step 5. Enter Maximum booking count per time slot. If you set 1, the plugin works in an individual booking mode, if you set more than 1 (2 – 1000000), the plugin works in the group booking mode. Group booking is suitable if your service offers several places at one time.
Important: we recommend to set this parameter on service creation and not after the users have booked the appointments.

Step 6. Enter the Duration. This is the duration of the appointment in minutes. By default, it is set for 30 minutes. Only numbers should be entered in this field.
Note: if you change the Duration parameter after the users have booked the appointment, the duration of the appointments for these bookings will be the same.

Step 7. Enter the Gap. This is the gap between appointments. By default, it is zero. Only numbers should be entered in this field.

Step 8. Enter the Step. This is the number of minutes that is used to stake your workday into intervals. Step parameter is important while setting your schedule in the backend and while displaying your free time in the frontend. By default, this parameter is equal to the sum of Duration and Gap, and cannot be larger than the sum of these two parameters.

Note: We recommend to edit this setting for the services with a large Duration (2 hours or more) in order to provide the user more options while choosing the time. Note: this parameter is available only if you set 1 value for the Maximum booking count per time slot parameter.

Step 9. Set the Available to users. The users who will have access to the service schedule should be entered here. Please note that users with a role of a Subscriber cannot get access to the services. For more information about managing WordPress users, see here.

Step 10. Set the form parameter. If you want to use the CF7 form with the custom fields as Webba Booking form, select it from the list, in other case set the default value. For more information about the custom fields, click here.

Step 11. Set the price parameter (just amount without currency). Leave zero if you don’t use online payments.

Step 12.Select the payment method you want to be available for the service.

Step 13 and 14.  Select the email templates. If you leave them set as default, settings from Email notifications will be used.

Step 15. Preparation time (days). 0 means no preparation time, 1 means today, 2 means today and tomorrow, and so on…This option makes those days unavailable to choose as a date of booking.

Step 16. Set Availability date range
If the service is valid for a defined period of time. Leave empty to set unlimited.

Step 18. Set the  Google calendar 
Select the one you wish to use. More information on how to prepare and synchronize a service with a google calendar in the dedicated chapter.

Step 19. Set the  Low limit for multiple mode. If in multiple booking mode we need to setup minimal required time slots to be selected. For example, if we set 3, the checkout button is not enabled until we don’t select at least 3 time slots.

Step 20. Set the  Limit for multiple mode 
This is the maximum number of time slots a customer can select in a reservation session.

Step 21. Set the Business hours. You need to check the boxes for those days that are working ones for the service. Setting the time is also necessary. If there is a break in the work of the service, you specify two gaps, such as from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm. If the break is not used, you specify a gap (the first) and delete the second gap by clicking the ‘delete the second gap’ link. After the removal of the gap, if necessary, it can be returned by clicking on add a second gap.

Step 22. Click Save button.

The service will be added and displayed in the table of services.


Editing the Service

To edit the Service you need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Check the box of the service in the table.

Step 2. Click Edit Service button.


Step 3. Edit these Service settings. For more information about the Service Settings see previous part of this chapter.

Step 4. Click Save button.

Deleting the Service

To delete the service, you need to do the following things:

Step 1. Check one or more services in the table.

Step 2. Click Delete button.


Step 3. Confirm the deletion in the appearing dialog box.


Note: the data on all bookings that were made in the framework of this service is deleted along with the service.


Since version 3.1.1 you can group your services into categories. With categories, you can setup the shortcode to display only services from those or another category on front-end. This feature also can be used to limit the scope of auto lock.

To work with the categories, you need to go to the Service categories page:

Create a category

Click new to create a new category.

Step 1. Give it a name that is self-explanatory to remember its function and use.
Step 2. Select the services you want to include in this last.
Step 3. Click save.

Edit a Category

Step 1. Click on the edit icon.

Step 2. Update the content and/or the name as needed.
Step 3. Click Save.

Delete a Category

Step 1. Click on the delete icon.

Step 2. Click on Delete button to confirm your operation.