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Merge schedules of several services – Auto lock feature

Step 1. Go to the Settings page.

Step 2. Open Appointments tab.

Step 3. Set  Auto lock appointments.
Enable this option to switch on the connection between the services. This automatically locks the time slots of all the services on booking.
For example, some businesses use one equipment shared with different services, in this case, it is logical to make the service unavailable for all the concerned services at this given time.
Auto lock is independent of duration or business hours because the algorithm analyzes the intersections between time slots.

Step 4. Set Perform auto lock on. This option defines the scope for the auto lock.
To use service in the same categories you need to define categories.

Step 5. Set Autolock for group booking services. This option manages how the auto lock works on services with more than one places per time slot. If you chose lock time slot the entire time slot will be locked. If you choose to reduce the count of available places the count of available places in connected services will be reduced by the count of current booking count of places.