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Setup PayPal API

To accept online payments with Webba Booking you need a PayPal Business account and the API credentials.

To set up your PayPal, please, do the following steps.

Step 1. Login to and click the dashboard button.

Step 2. Click the My Apps & Credentials.

Step 3. Scroll to REST API apps and click the Create App button.

Step 4. Enter the App Name (for ex. Webba Booking App) and click the Create App button.

Step 5. There are two sections for settings – Sandbox and Live. There is no difference in setup, but keep in mind that Live won’t run if your website is running on localhost. To switch between Live and Sandbox click the button.

We highly recommend you to test payments with the Sandbox before going live.

Step 6. Leave the settings as they are and grab the ClientID and Secret for Sandbox and Live. Then add them to your Webba Booking Settings in Paypal tab and voila!

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