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Setup payment through Stripe

To accept online payments through Stripe,  you need a Stripe account and the API credentials.

To set up your Stripe, please, do the following steps.

Step 1. Login to your Stripe dashboard account.

Step 2. Click on API in the menu on left.

Step 3. Copy/paste on a bloc-note your Publishable key.

Step 4. Copy/paste also on a bloc-note your Secret key.

Step 5. Go to your WordPress dashboard. In the Settings page, click on Stripe tab and paste there your credentials you just saved on your bloc note.

Step 6. Choose your Currency.

Step 7. Load Stripe javascript

Stripe requires a javascript loaded from their host.
If in WordPress there is some else plugin that uses Stripe, this option needs to be set to No (do not load) to avoid conflicts.

Step 8. Override Stripe card element error messages 
Stripe card input has its own error handling with own messages If you need to override it, set to Yes. The default value is No (do not override).

Step 9. Tax  If needed, put the percentage you wish to apply.

Step 10. Additional payment informationThis option defines what fields to use in Stripe checkout mode.

Step 12. Redirect to page when payment is successfulIndicate a page if you wish todisplay a personalized message in the case of a successful payment.

Step 13. Font size for card element on mobile devicesIf you have issues with Stripe font size on mobile, you can override it.

Step 14. Click Save Changes and you are ready to work in test mode!

In order to switch to live mode, of course, you need to activate your Stripe account. For this, we invite you to read their documentation for more information.

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