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Setup payment through PayPal

In order to work with Paypal as the payment gateway, you need to follow these instructions:

Dashboard > Webba Booking > Settings > Paypal

Step 1. Set the PayPal mode (Sandbox or Live).

We highly recommend you to test payments with the Sandbox before going live.

Step 2. Set sandbox and live credentials.

Step 3. Set the PayPal currency.

Step 4. Set the tax. This is a percentage of a subtotal amount (price of the booked service).

Step 5. Enable this option to hide address on PayPal checkout.

Step 6. Auto redirect to PayPal when payment ready (without approving).

Step 7. Redirect to a page when payment is successful.

Step 8. Currency multiplier. This option should be used if the price of your service is set in a currency not supported by PayPal and you need to convert it to currency supported by PayPal before checkout.

Then go to the Service page and follow these instructions.

@ Dashboard > Webba Booking >Services

Step 1. Edit the service you want to use Paypal.

Step 2. Set the Price of this service.

Step 3. Set your Payment methods, choose Paypal in the drop-down menu.