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Integration with Zoom

Setting up the application on Zoom App Marketplace

1. Create an account on Zoom App Marketplace:

2. Click on the Build App

3. Click on the Create in OAuth section:

4. Name your app, for example ‘MyApp’, choose ‘Account-level app’, disable publish status. Click on ‘Create’.

5. Take your credentials: Client ID and Client secret. We will use them later in Webba configuration.

6. Add the homepage of your website in the fields Redirect URL for OAuth, Add allow lists.

7. Click on ‘Continue’.

8. Setup Short description, Long description, Developer Contact Information (name and email)

9. Click Continue until the Add Scope appears.

10. Select Meeting section and choose the following scopes:

Pre requirements

Minimal PHP version: 7.2

Option Version of Google Client API on the Google calendar (!) tab of Webba settings page needs to be set to 2.9.1

Setting Zoom settings in Webba

  1. Open the Zoom tab of the Webba settings page and set Client ID and Client secret (see p.5 of the previous chapter)
  2. Save settings
  3. Open the Zoom tab of the Webba settings page and click on the ‘Authorize’ link.
  4. Confirm authorization.
  5. Set the option When create meeting in Zoom (self-explanatory)

Setting email notifications placeholders

To send customers a meeting URL and password use the following placeholders:

Zoom URL: #zoom_url

Zoom password: #zoom_pass