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Google Calendar setup in Webba Booking

Setup Credentials

Open Webba Booking settings page.

Open the Google Calendar tab, paste the Google API Client ID and Google API Client Secret (that you kept somewhere just previously) and click Save Changes.

Add a new calendar

Open the Google Calendar page

Click Create new

Set the name of the calendar (i.e. “My first calendar”). This name can be arbitrary and used to identify the calendar.

If you need to give an access to this calendar to another (not administrator user) select the user in the “Give access to this calendar to”. Use this option if it’s required to authorize the calendar by the person that doesn’t have administrator role in your WP.

Set the Calendar id

In order to complete this, you need to create a calendar in your Google Calendar page.

Click Create a new calendar and give a name to this last. Then click Create Calendar.

Your Google Calendar should be now displayed in your calendar list.

Hover over the name of your calendar and click on three points to access to its settings.

Copy the Calendar ID.

And paste it into the form you opened just before in your dashboard and save.

Manage calendar authorization

After creating the calendar, this last need to be authorized (connect to real Google Calendar by its owner).The process of authorization is different for WordPress administrators and other roles of users.

Authorization by administrators

Open the Google Calendar page

Click on Manage authorization for the calendar you want to authorize.

Copy this link.

Go to your Google Cloud console. Then edit your project.

And paste your link there.

Press enter and click Save.

Important: Now you need to wait around 5 minutes.

Then you go back to your dashboard and click on Authorize button.

Click on Allow

Authorization by non administrators

Open the Google Calendar page.

Click on Manage authorization for the calendar you want to authorize

Click on Authorize button

Click on Allow

If you have been waiting 5 minutes, you should be redirected to this window.

Remove authorization

То remove, you need to click on Manage authorization  (see previous part)

Click on Remove authorization

Delete a calendar

To delete a calendar, click on the delete icon

Confirm the deletion by click on Delete button

Edit a calendar

To edit a calendar, click on the edit icon

Set the fields and click Save

Note: You can choose between One-way or Two-way synchronization. One-way will add automatically bookings to your Google Calendar. Two ways mean every time you put something directly on your Google Calendar, the corresponding time slots in your Webba schedule (those that covers the time you defined here) will become unavailable for booking (here no data is imported).

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