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Google API setup

(By following the procedure below, you will get the Google API Client ID
and the Google API Client Secret)

Google API setup

Open the Google cloud platform: You need to create a new project or open existing.In this manual, we create a new project, but you can use projects created previously.

If you already have projects, click on the top left, in our example, it is Webba Booking.

A window will open, then click on the +

Give your project a name and click  Create

1– Once the project is created, click again in the same place to select your new project, here it’s called 2018.

2 -Scroll down to Getting Started section and click on Enable APIs and get credentials like keys.


Scroll down and click on Calendar API

Click on ENABLE

Click on Create credentials

Click on Client ID

Click on Configure consent screen

Complete with an application name (i.e. “Webba Calendar”) and click Save. Others fields are optional.

Click on Credentials tab

Click on Create Credentials and Choose OAuth client ID

Select Web application, enter the client name (i.e. Web client 1) and click Create

Copy the client ID and client secret and keep it somewhere (you will need that at the following part Google Calendar setup in Webba Booking)

We have finished with Google API setup at the moment, we will come back to it later to add Authorized redirect URIs to the application.

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