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Send customer an email (on approval)

Step 1. Set the Send customer an email (on approval). Check the box if you want to send an email to a when the status of an appointment changed from Awaiting approval or Paid (awaiting approval) to Approved or Paid (approved). The email is sent when an administrator of the service change the status of the appointment manually in the appointment table.

Step 2. Enter the Subject of an email to a customer (on approval). Specify the subject of the email that will be sent to the customer (up to 100 characters). For example, ‘Your booking has been approved.’ You can also include placeholders.

Step 3. Enter the Message to a customer (on approval). Use the text editor to edit the email message. To insert a placeholder directly related to the client or service data, use the special buttons: Service Name, Customer Name, Booking date, Booking time, Customer phone, Customer email, Customer comment, Items count, etc.