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Email templates

Dashboard > Webba booking > Email templates

When you create a Service, email notifications and reminders templates used are the default ones (from Dahsboard > Webba Booking >  General > Email notifications).

Perhaps for reasons specific to your busines, you need templates related to Services, to personalize your communication at best.

In this section of the plugin, you can create as many templates as you want and  then just assign them when you create or edit your Services (Dahsboard > Webba Booking > Services) like below.

Remember that If you leave them set as Default like above, settings from Email notifications will be used.

To work with the Email templates, you need to go to the Email template page.

Create an Email template

Click new to create a new template.

Step 1. Give it a name that is self-explanatory to remember its function and use.

Step 2, Write content specific to the utilization of a Service.

Step 3. Remember also to use the template variables as needed.

Then click Save.

Edit an Email template

Step 1. Click on the edit icon.

Step 2. Update the content and/or the name as needed.

Step 3. Click Save.

Delete an Email template

Step 1. Click on the delete icon.

Delete an Email template

Step 1. Click on the delete icon.

Step 2.  Click on Delete button to confirm your operation.