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Common options

Set the Time of a daily reminder.

To send reminders exactly in time, specified in the Time of a daily reminder you need to setup hourly cron in your hosting with the command like /usr/bin/wget -O – -q -t 1 [PATH TO YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE]/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron
A command may be different on different hosting platforms. If you need help with cron setup, please contact us: [email protected]

Step 1. Enter the From: name

Step 2. Enter the From: email

Step 3. Send copies of service emails to. This option is like a super-admin email, on each booking, a notification will be sent to the declared email. This option accept coma-separated list of emails.

Step 4. Set the Link to the page with Webba Booking form. This page will be used as a landing for payment or cancellation. If you use multiple pages with different booking forms, simply create a dedicated page for that purpose. (Mandatory only if you use the payment or cancellation options).