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Appearance customization

To work with the appearance you need to go to the Appearance page.

Webba Booking allows you to customize your booking form completely. You choose from the 80 available presets that you can use as it is or change them to fit with the design of your website.

Step 1. Choose a preset from the drop-down list on the top left and click load presets for loading it.

Step 2. Click on Show preview on the top right to get an idea of the design from the last loaded preset from the previous step.

The pop-up will display the layout of the booking form.

Let’s say you are satisfied with one preset you selected in the list. Then the appearance setup is done for you. Click the Save options button and the design will be automatically applied to the front end.

Unfortunately, you do not find what you want, or maybe, you wish to use your graphics quickly?

Step 3. Browse all tabs and apply your CSS parameters to arrange the form to your design (Click Show preview button to see your changes).

Step 4. Once you arrive at a satisfactory result, just click the  Save options button, and you’re done with your Appearance setup.