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Many services require pre-booking, such as making a reservation in a restaurant or a salon or booking a personal training session. The days are gone when customers had to search down your contact details, speak with the person making the reservation, note down the time and date on paper to make a booking with you.

Technology has fast-paced everything in life. All kinds of bookings now can be made with just a few clicks with the help of some fantastic booking tools online.

If you are also an owner of a kind of business that seldom requires reservations and appointments, then you should find the right WordPress booking plugin with a payment option for your website. That is why we want to outline the fantastic features of our WordPress booking and payment plugin “Webba Booking”.
Before we describe the features of Webba, let us understand the benefits of online payments in the booking plugin.

Pairing old-school customer service with technology can give an exciting edge to your business for selling services more proactively.

But before you finalize the WordPress booking and payment plugin, you must consider all the pros and cons of using the online booking system to ensure that the plugin you’re choosing is right for you.

Let’s take a look at some significant advantages of online booking plugins.

  1. You can increase your reservations.
  2. You can have your business open for booking 24×7. 
  3. Payments are quicker with the WordPress booking form with payment.
  4. You don’t have to always be on the phone, receiving booking requests. 
  5. WordPress booking calendar with payment option makes your business schedule more manageable.
  6. Now you can make up-sell on add-ons very quickly.
  7. You also get helpful insights about your business through an analytics dashboard.

About “Webba”- WordPress Booking Plugin

Webba Booking is a WP Booking plugin that’s very user-friendly. It is designed especially for the businesses that provide services and require a platform for the customers to make a booking.
There are numerous application options, which means that all kinds of services/businesses that need an appointment or a booking system are made easy and comfortable with Webba.

Supported payment methods in Webba Booking

PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce are supported payment methods in Webba booking.
Webba offers flexible pricing depending on the number of booked slots and number of people. There are also special prices for early booking, specific days of the week, particular dates, and time. The pricing depends on the custom field values.

All in all, there are over 100+ payment gateways that you can choose from when integrating Webba with WooCommerce. Webba Booking is also an authorized Stripe partner, which gives it a little more legitimacy. So you can take a Stripe integration demo and add the custom fields that best suits your requirements. The wording and the designs are customizable.

Webba also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee in case you change your mind. You can pay for our plugin securely via Visa, PayPal, MasterCard or American Express. You will get a personal assistant that will be attentive to all your requests.

Brand payment features of the Webba Booking plugin

Pricing Rules

The feature “Pricing Rules” was developed for allowing flexible prices based calculated on different factors. You can set the flexible pricing for:

  • different days of the week
  • date ranges
  • time intervals
  • prices based on the number of booked time slots
  • special fees for early booking
  • special pricing depending on the number of seats

Not just this, the prices can also be determined and estimated depending on the custom field values, which ultimately give you more paid options.

Option to Automatically Cancel Not Paid Appointments

This is a 3-step process.

  1. Apply the “Delete Expired Appointments”. You can apply this option after the expiration time for the appointments that are not paid for yet. The time of expiration can be assigned from the moment of approving, or the booking moment.
  2. Apply “Delete Expired appointments with started but not finished transactions”. Pretty straightforward, again. This option can be enabled if you wish to auto-delete the appointments that are started with the transactions but not finished with it.
  3. Apply the “Expiration Time”. The minimum value for this is 10 minutes.

Payment Links Included In The Email Notifications

This feature allows customers to pay later. The PayPal or Stripe Payment process eases out the whole pay later scheme for the customers and the business owners. To guarantee that the payment system is running smoothly, please check the given below pointers:

  1. Your PayPal or Stripe tab from the Settings page is correctly and completely filled.
  2. The online method of payment for the service is set to “PayPal”.
  3. Your email notification has the payment link placeholder.
  4. The link to the page that has the Webba Booking Form, which is the last field in the settings, has the URL used for payment method, among others. The “shortcode” must not be missed on this page.

Once the reservation is made, payment buttons appear on the screen to complete the online payment. By clicking on the button, the operation specifications are registered as per your settings, and then you receive an invite to make the payment.

There are two options available while making the WordPress booking with payment:

You can confirm the payment and arrive at the payment gateway page with the amount of the transaction. You can select the currency that you want to use for making the transactions,


You can leave this page without making the payment. You can still pay later with the payment link that you received in the notification email.

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