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WordPress appointment booking plugin

Technology is a wonderful thing. It is constantly making our lives better and easier. This is especially accurate for our day-to-day tasks. We can easily rely on our smartphones and computers to do just about anything and everything. You can search for all kinds of information, get the latest forecast, connect with friends and family, and even book online appointments!

If you have your website built with WordPress, a WordPress appointment booking plugin can save your company money and time! It’s an absolute waste of time to manually book appointments when you can instead devote more time to your business. It is time-consuming to keep in touch with your clients. Emailing or returning calls, sending reminders, and making reservations are all avoidable steps.

Scheduling applications and plugins can help save all this time by showing the customers your availability in real-time and helping them choose the option that’s best suited for them. They can also conveniently make changes or cancel the appointment if required.

The application should also send an automatic reminder without you having to do all this manual work. This is an ideal solution if you wish to spend your precious time focusing on other pressing tasks.

What Kind of Businesses Can Use Online Bookings?

WordPress Plugin booking appointments should be adaptable as much as possible and suitable for a vast range of businesses. Customers use appointment plugins in very unique and creative ways these days. Here’s a list is some of the most apparent companies for whom WordPress booking appointment plugins are handy:

  1. Universities and Colleges. Appointment booking plugins are pretty popular with customers that offer fitness classes or yoga classes. However, the number of people from academic institutes who use the booking plugins is surprising! From community colleges to universities, WordPress appointment booking google calendar has been a rage!
  2. Pet Grooming Businesses. This one is entirely unexpected and unique! Businesses are using booking plugins for attracting customers into scheduling their pet grooming, sitting and walking appointments.
  3. Music Lessons. People usually use online scheduling software and plugins for classes, but these plugins are also being used for some unique courses nowadays. A lot of music classes are now using appointment plugins for booking.
  4. Couples Counselling and Personal Coaching. Consultants are also exclusively using the appointment apps instead of traditional ways of making booking and scheduling appointments with the clients. 

Some other unique businesses that use these plugins include entertainers & DJs, car detailing, cleaning companies, salons etc.

About Webba Booking Plugin and its Benefits

Webba Booking is an easy and powerful WordPress Booking plugin specially made for service providers to help them optimize their time and give better comfort to their customers. 

It is developed and designed to have a grip as uncomplicated as possible. It also comes with endless app options. This implies that all kinds of businesses feel comfortable and at ease with Webba booking no matter what type of services they offer and require a booking system!

  • Fully Customizable Design. Webba has more than 80 design customization options. It comes with 79 customizable design presets that are easy to use. It’s got editable frontend texts. It’s a fully- responsive plugin with an editable date and time format feature. Users can also cancel the appointment without registration. Webba gives a buffer option to avoid cancellation just before the appointment time.
  • Flawless UX. The primary mode on Webba offers the customers to make a fast and straightforward booking. There’s a form for selecting one or more services also. You can also group services by categories. There’s also an option for skipping the date selection in case the customer isn’t too sure.
  • Option to Share Schedules between the Employees. This one is beneficial if two people use the same venues for the same services working in the same business. It helps them manage their schedules better if they’re in sync with each other’s timings.
  • Online Payments. Webba accepts secured online payment through Stripe, PayPal, or 100+ payment gateways from WooCommerce. It supports all PayPal currencies. There’s an individual price for every service. The user gets an automatic update of the appointment status as the payment is made. It also has a coupon system. The pricing can be based on the number of people, custom field values or the number of booked time slots.
  • Integration with Google Calendar. Every employee in the company can connect their calendar. Webba gives access for the appointment WordPress users to authorized calendars. Whenever any Webba booking is deleted, data in Google Calendar is also automatically deleted.
  • Export to iCal and CSV. Webba also provides the manual appointments in the backend, which gives an option for backend customization. It has a responsive appointment table and provides a CSV export feature that allows sharing access to the services with other WordPress user.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Webba gives complete services and unlimited calendars. You can set your business hours, holiday dates. Businesses also get the option to lock or unlock any single date or any single time slot. There’s also a time hole optimization option and options to avoid booking for some period from today.
  • Customizable Notifications. Webba can help you send email notifications to the users and administrator on booking. It sends off an email notification to the users when the administrator approves the appointment. It has a feature for an appointment reminder. You can also add images in the messages and set SMS reminders.

Webba is among the best-rated booking plugin on WordPress that gives phenomenal support. There are endless possibilities and options with Webba. Webba’s design is responsive, which means that it will look good on any device, be it your large desktop or your tiny mobile screen. It comes with GDPR compliance.
You can explore all kinds of possibilities with the Webba Booking Plugin.

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