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7 Unique Cleaning Business Ideas To Get More Clients

business ideas for cleaning services

Starting a cleaning business can be very profitable considering that it is something that everyone does regularly. Not only do people need cleaning in a personal capacity but many companies also make use of such services. Running a business takes a lot of time as you’ll soon find out as your cleaning business grows, and that is why many companies make use of this essential service. 

A cleaning business opportunity can quickly turn into a profitable venture that will lead to success. So, if you’re looking for cleaning service ideas, look no further! In this article, we share with you what you need for a cleaning business, as well as some unique cleaning business ideas. 

What You Need to Consider

If you’re looking to start a cleaning-related business, where you’re situated matters. If you start your business in a densely populated area, the opportunity for success is so much higher. Considering that the cleaning industry is in high demand, you can get a quick return on your investment if you open your business in a big city. 

You also need to think of the type of cleaning business you want to start. Below are some unique cleaning business ideas you can consider:

House Cleaning Service Idea

It’s difficult for career-focused people to find time to clean their homes. Offering a service where you clean their home—big or small—will thus always be in high demand. Based on the size of the property, you can decide if you want to send one cleaner or more to get the job done. You just have to make sure that you equip them with the right house-cleaning equipment and materials. A vacuum cleaner, broom, bucket, and various cleaning products are the basics you need. 

Window Cleaning Service Idea

The window-cleaning niche is still growing but since the building of commercial buildings and shopping malls is increasing, it is likely to pick up soon. The bigger the building and the higher the window, the more likely it is that the business will outsource the job to a cleaning business.

To start a window-cleaning business, you need more advanced equipment like scaffolding and safety gear on top of your regular cleaning materials.

Carpet Cleaning Service Idea 

This cleaning service is equally popular for households and office buildings. Keeping carpets clean can be a hassle, especially if there are a lot of feet walking around such as in a busy commercial office.

You may need some heavy-duty carpet cleaners for this cleaning business idea and may also want to investigate cleaning products made specifically for carpets to keep them looking brand new.

Dry Cleaning Services Idea

This may not seem like a unique cleaning business idea considering that it is such a popular cleaning service but it sure is a profitable one. If you choose this as your cleaning business opportunity, you need to consider that the competition is very high.

Location and a good marketing strategy are key if you want to make a success of a dry-cleaning business. The start-up costs may also be on the expensive side as you need various machines to do the job. 

business ideas for cleaning services

Selling Cleaning Supplies as a Cleaning Service Idea

You don’t have to focus on cleaning. Selling cleaning supplies is also a lucrative unique cleaning business idea. After all, a cleaning business needs supplies to do its job and if they’re successful, so are you. What’s more, you won’t need any huge capital to start this venture.

Selling Cleaning Equipment as a Cleaning Service Idea  

You will need high capital to get this cleaning business opportunity off the ground. We recommend you find a supplier with whom you can build a trust relationship with who will in time give you the option to hire a purchase. 

Extra Unique Cleaning Service Ideas

Almost everything needs cleaning; gutters, gardens, parking lots, boats, you name it. Gutter cleaning, for example, is lucrative because homeowners don’t want to do such a tedious and dirty job.

You can also bank on getting business from restaurants, private businesses—basically any building with gutters. It may be a seasonal job, but if you add it to other cleaning services you offer, it can be a nice boost of income in the Autumn and Winter months.

The Importance of A Website

Convenience is the name of the game, especially for clients interested in a cleaning service. Considering that the internet has become our new yellow pages, you need to move with the times and create a website. If you want to be successful, a website should form a big part of your marketing. 

Many companies consider a website as a digital business card and so should you. It should contain everything a prospective client needs to know, but you have to deliver it in such a manner that it encourages people to choose you.

A modern, clean-looking website that is easy to navigate is always a winner. You should also ensure that the website loads quickly—often, time is money. You don’t want potential clients to get frustrated and look elsewhere for cleaning services. We also recommend that you consider a website that is compatible with different devices to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

After creating the perfect website, you need to focus on search engine optimization. You want your website to appear among the top results on search engines to beat your competition.

Start Accepting Bookings Online

If you want to give your business an edge, then offering an online booking service is the way to go. Not only will it streamline your booking process, but it adds a touch of professionality to your cleaning business. This is good since cleaning services haven’t always been seen as a professional services. 

What’s more, making bookings online is very convenient for clients and it will improve their customer experience with your business. 

Other benefits of using an online booking system are:

  • Since online bookings are more efficient and take less time than making a call or stopping by the business to make an appointment, you can expect an increase in bookings. The fact that clients can make a booking anytime and from anywhere since they’re not compelled to stick to business hours. 
  • You will also save time and money since you won’t have to worry about dealing with booking queries or cancellations. Your client does all the work for you. We’re also huge fans of the automated appointment reminder emails or SMS many online booking plugins like Webba Booking offer. 
  • Then there’s the element of data collection that comes with using an online booking system. When a client fills in their contact details and personal information, you can use this to stay in contact with them—with their permission of course. You can send promotional messages or share with them new products or services. When you regularly remind them that you exist, you’re guaranteeing repeat business. 

How To Start Booking Online?

webba booking best booking and appointment plugin

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use online booking system, then Webba Booking is your answer. This appointment scheduling plugin is perfect for cleaning companies but also works for other businesses such as beauty salons right through to medical practices. 

With features such as email and SMS appointment reminders, you can be sure that your customers will know when to expect you at their premises. Ultimately, if you want to streamline your booking process and increase your business, then offering an online booking option is vital. Webba Booking can help you make a success of your business. 

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