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The race to the stars

After reading a Whitespark‘s email, I discovered a really interesting info to share. If you type Best [Keyword] + [City] in google, the search results directly show businesses that have a review rating of 4+.

Searchers are also given the option to filter their results by clicking on the rating drop down and selecting the star range from anywhere between 2.0+ to 4.5+. You can, therefore, change the filter to see the proposed results.

This shows us the growing importance of reputation management and the need to have a strategy in place for this.

If your business isn’t earning reviews, it will be easier for the competition to take the lead and stand out. More and more consumers are using reviews to evaluate businesses’ services and products and for many small businesses, reviews contribute substantially to their ability to generate new business.

To conclude on this reflection, I invite you to read this article which deals with the importance of user reviews and rating in terms of the acquisition.