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6 Profitable Marketing Ideas For Dentists To Boost Business

business ideas for dentists

In today’s day and age, it’s not as easy as advertising your dental practice in the local newspaper to get new patients. There are dentists wherever you look and with such a wide variety to choose from, you need to up your marketing game. 

The marketing techniques used by dentists over the years have changed dramatically. You need to explain why your practice is the best choice for your patients and why you are more skilled than the dentist around the corner from you. 

Below we share with you some top marketing ideas for dentists. Keep reading if you want to make your dental practice a success in 2023.

The 6 Best Marketing Ideas for Dentists 

When it comes to dentist practice marketing the main aim is to get more people through your door. Here are some proven marketing ideas for dentists to keep your practice alive and well. 

1. Build a Website

There’s no doubt that life has moved online. We spend so much time on the internet—it’s where we go when we look for anything. You reading this article is a great example of how the internet is our go-to for information. A website should be the centre of your marketing plan. 

Think of a website as a digital business card. People will judge your practice based on how it looks, so you have to invest time and money into creating a modern and clean-looking website that reflects your office. 

Other aspects that make a winning website is that it’s quick to load and easy to navigate; simple designs also tend to be better suited to websites meant for medical professions. Furthermore, your website should work on devices of all sizes to make it accessible to everyone. The last thing you want is for potential patients to get frustrated and go turn to your competition. 

Then there’s the issue of SEO. Even with the best website, potential patients still need to be able to find your site right away. This is where search engine optimization comes in. Considering that more than 90% of all online experiences start with a search engine, you want your website to show up among the first results. 

2. Organise an Office Tour 

Many people have dental anxiety. If you want to put their minds at ease, create a virtual tour of your dental office. If you have a receptionist with a welcoming and warm personality, get them to guide the tour. Also, try to introduce the dentists to potential patients, so that they can see if there’s someone they would feel comfortable with. 

Adding the video to your website will also increase organic search traffic by improving your chances of showing up on the first page of search results. 

The idea is to show your audience exactly what they’ll see when they walk through your doors. You want them to feel comfortable even while watching the video. 

marketing ideas for dentists

3. Run Challenges

As a dentist, one of your top priorities is helping your patients with oral hygiene. One way to do that is to run challenges or contests to encourage healthy habits. One example is kicking off a 30-day floss challenge where you ask patients to floss daily for 30 days straight. During the challenges, you can engage with your patients by creating video content; for example, a video where you show them how to floss. 

To increase the visibility of your challenges or contests, create a social media hashtag and share it on all the platforms you belong to—even your website. 

If the challenge is fun, it’s likely that participating patients will share it with their friends and family, which will improve your brand’s reach. 

4. Feature the Patient of the Month

This is similar to running a contest but boosts engagement by focusing on one patient. Not only does this make that particular patient feel special, but it will also encourage others to visit your practice in hopes of also getting such recognition. 

All you have to do is take a picture of a patient showing their pearly whites with a wide smile. Once you snap a photo, share it on your social media channels. Don’t forget to use a hashtag unique to your dental practice.

This is one of the better marketing ideas for dentists as you’re using satisfied patients to speak on behalf of your practice—it’s not you telling them why they should choose you but someone who is happy with your service. 

5. Create Content of Value

You want your patients to remember you and you want potential patients to see that you value everyone who walks through your door and care about their oral health. To do this, you should create content that has value to them—random videos or articles won’t make sense. 

How do you create such content? Well, it depends on what you have to offer. If you have whitening services, you can make a video of the procedure so that potential patients know what to expect. However, you don’t have to offer special services to create content. Some content marketing ideas for dentists can include: 

  • How to brush your teeth the correct way. 
  • How to clean your retainers. 
  • How to floss properly. 

Basically, you want content that potential patients will find helpful and informative. It will create trust that will lead to more new patients. 

6. Accept Online Bookings

People are busy; they have careers and households to manage, so need to save time anywhere they can. Stopping by your dental practice is a waste of their time. Even picking up the phone can be annoying as they could’ve focused on something more important.

The convenience of online booking cannot be overstated, especially since we spend so much time online. Without an online booking system, you’re not moving with the times and your competitors will overtake you. 

Some benefits of using an online booking system include: 

  • An increase in bookings is a given. Online bookings are quicker and more efficient. The fact that potential patients are no longer constrained by business hours means they can use it when it’s a convenient time for them. 
  • How much time do you spend sorting out customer appointments, booking queries, or dealing with cancellations? When you use online booking software, your patient does all the work online. You can also use automated appointment reminder messages to inform your patient when their appointment is. 
  • It gives you a competitive edge since many companies are yet to move their bookings online. 
  • You can also collect important data by using online booking software. Each patient has to fill in their contact details and personal information. If you ask for their permission to send them promotional messages and they agree, you can use their details to send follow-up messages and keep them informed about new products or services you may offer at your dental practice. This increases your likelihood of repeat business since they won’t easily forget you if you stay in contact with them. 

How To Start Booking Online?

webba booking best booking and appointment plugin

Using an online booking system is fantastic. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend you check out the Webba Booking plugin. It is a great appointment plugin tool for industries ranging from dentist practices to beauty salons.

This plugin offers a fast and easy booking process that your potential patients won’t find confusing. Webba Booking also has features like email and SMS appointment reminders and much more to streamline your booking process. 

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