10+ Profitable Lashes Business Ideas In 2023

lashes business ideas

There are many lashes businesses out there and just so many ways to get started. But whether you have a beauty salon and you want to add lashes to your business, or are thinking about starting your own lashes business, the sky’s the limit. 

Of course, with so many options available, it can be confusing to know what you should do. In this article, we will share with you lashes business ideas that will make your business profitable.

Secrets To Growing Your Lashes Business in 2023

Lashes Business Idea #1: Put Your Clients First 

Before you think straight about your lashes business’s bottom line, you have to realise that your clients need to be happy if you want to make money. Your business has a better chance of succeeding if you’re able to retain existing clients and to do that, your clients need to feel satisfied with your services. What’s more, if a client had a good experience, they’re more likely to refer others to your lashes business. In the end, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy there is. 

One way to ensure your clients are happy is to continue offering them new and additional services. You can add eyebrow tinting to the menu or eyebrow waxing even. You just have to keep in mind that there is a danger of clients feeling you’re taking them for granted when you continually upsell them. So, it is important to strike the right balance. 

Lashes Business Idea #2: Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

Clients come to your lashes business because they want to improve their appearance and feel good about themselves. But it is also up to you to boost their self-esteem even before you start the treatment. One way to do this is to make them feel special. Treat them as if you’re glad they’re there not due to the money but because you like interacting with them. 

Ensure the environment they’re in is relaxing and they feel comfortable.

You also need to train any other members of your team to make sure that they not only know how to do the best lashes but also how to treat clients. Since their appearance and how they carry themselves also matter, you have to make sure that they look presentable—which is also a confidence boost that will help them do their job with confidence. 

When you achieve the above, your customer service will be on the level of established lashes businesses. 

Lashes Business Idea #3: Sell an Experience

lashes business ideas

This is a continuation of the previous point. How you position your business also impacts whether clients will stay with you or find another place to do their eyelash extensions. When your lashes business is a cold and clinical space, you may not be successful at retaining clients. This is because they are looking for an experience. You may think it is just lash extensions, but to them, it is an hour or two of peace and quiet, a break from their busy lives. 

Your lashes business should provide more than the service. It should be a place to escape. One known for its relaxing ambiance and warmth.

Lashes Business Idea #4: Get a Website

Think of a website as a digital business card. It’s an easy way to introduce people to your lashes business if done right. 

Be sure to use an appealing design that isn’t overloaded with flashy gimmicks; keep it clean and simple and make it a reflection of your business.

Clients use websites for more than reading about services and finding out costs, they also use it to judge the atmosphere of the business. You want to evoke a sense of elegance and calm with your website design. 

Lashes Business Idea #5: Accept Online Bookings 

Have a website? Here’s the next step to grow your business – automate your bookings.

Any business that relies on scheduling appointments could benefit from automating its booking process. It is a great way for improving your time management, saving money, and making it convenient for clients to book appointments. Let’s face it, the world has migrated online and people prefer making appointments online than over the telephone or face-to-face. 

A great example of appointment booking tool is Webba Booking, a WordPress plugin that streamlines your whole scheduling process. Webba Booking is one of the top booking plugins. It is specifically designed for service-based businesses, which makes it perfect for your lashes business. It comes with many features and is highly customizable to optimise your time and ensure your customers are entirely satisfied with the process. 

Lashes Business Idea #6: Don’t Neglect Marketing

Promoting your lashes business is paramount. You have to attract clients, or you won’t meet your monthly budgetary target. In time, word-of-mouth will become your greatest driver of business, but you have to work hard before you get to enjoy luxury. 

When it comes to advertising, there are many things you can do. 

Create a Blog

If you write professional blog posts with a beauty slant, you will attract potential customers to your services. It’s all about driving traffic to your website, which will in turn, lead to more feet through your door. 

Be Active on Social Media 

In today’s day and age, social media is a powerful marketing tool. With a well-thought-out digital marketing plan, you can reach a wide audience and build brand awareness. If you do decide on creating a blog, you can share your blog on your social media pages, which will increase how many people visit your website. There’s also the likelihood that people who stumble onto your blog on social media will share it—increasing your reach even further. 

Lashes Business Idea #7: Branch Out

lashes business ideas

Clients who go for eyelash extensions usually tend to go for facials and other beauty treatments as well. You can use this to your advantage by slowly turning your lashes business into a one-stop beauty shop.

It takes a lot of trust to allow someone to do your lashes and this trust will make it more likely that they’ll come to you for other treatments too. Have a look at how you can be better.

Find ways to improve your eyelash extension process and do your best to use only the latest application methods and trusted products. More than that, you should look at what other services and products you can offer. 

If you’re unsure what your clients want, try using a client survey to get a better idea. Ask your clients what they like most about your salon and where they think you can improve. 

Lashes Business Idea #8: Watch Your Spending

It’s easy to get over excited and splurge on new tools, impressive marketing campaigns, and general niceties for your salon. You have to guard against this. To be successful, you need to keep a close eye on your expenses. Before you reach into your pocket to buy a product that isn’t a must-have, remind yourself that every cent you save goes directly to your bottom line. 

Two of the areas where most new businesses burn cash is inventory management and over-staffing. 

You should make sure you’re buying just what is needed and not stocking up on too many products considering that these products all have an expiry date. Instead, use software to track your inventory and cost and make sure you’re within your budget limits. 

When it comes to building your team, you may think that more staff means your lashes business can accommodate many clients—which means more money, right? Unfortunately, that is not true if you’re only now starting your business.

Always limit the number of team members you have. You have to find the magic number where customer service isn’t affected by a staff shortage and where you won’t be in a bind when someone calls in sick. 

Lashes Business Idea #9: Charge What You’re Worth

It’s never easy deciding on pricing. When you’re a new lashes business owner, you may find it difficult to settle on a price because you’re not sure what is too low or too high. Usually, businesses end up charging too little since they feel they’re still starting out and need to build a reputation. Although this is true in some sense, don’t undersell yourself; people look at the prices and if it is too low, they may think they’re not going to get quality eyelash extensions. 

We recommend you find out what other lashes businesses in your area charge and compare their level of expertise with your own. It is then easier to find a middle ground where you’re not charging the same as established businesses but also not charging less than you’re worth. 

If you charge too little to the point where you’re not making enough to cover your monthly expenses, you’re basically paying them to do their eyelashes! 

Lashes Business Idea #10: Ask for Online Ratings and Referrals 

Online reviews have a lot of power nowadays. It’s a quick and easy way to see if a business is worth your time and money. 

Potential clients hop onto Yelp or Google Maps and in a matter of seconds they know what to expect when they visit your lashes business. Whether it’s good or bad news, depends on how happy your customers were with your service. If you feel comfortable that your client was satisfied, ask them to leave a favourable review on Yelp or another crowd-sourced review app. 

You can also ask a happy client to refer their friends and family to your lashes business. There’s no harm in doing that and they won’t judge you for it. You’re running a business and if you’re doing a good job, your clients will be more than happy to tell the world. 

How To Start Booking Online?

webba booking best booking and appointment plugin

Thanks to Webba Booking WordPress plugin you can take your appointment and scheduling process from ‘blah’ admin to ‘wow’ efficiency. 

You can choose between the most basic features to automate your bookings, or you can go all-out and add all the different features. Best yet, Webba Booking has a free lite version for those who want to get their feet wet first before jumping all in. 

Webba booking can help any service-based business, so it can definitely optimise your lashes business.

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