Interview with Li Qing – marketing executive of Greenwood Fish Market

Hi Li! Where are you from?
Hello! I’m from Singapore. I’m the marketing executive of Greenwood Fish Market – a family-run brand of seafood restaurants and fish markets on our sunny island.

For what business do you use our plugin?
We use Webba Booking for the restaurant aspect of our brand’s website – particularly, for dine-in reservations.

Please, share the URL of the page where Webba Booking is used.

How long have you been using Webba Booking?
A couple of years or so.

How did you hear about our product?
I happened upon the plugin after some research into reservation platforms for Word Press. Webba Booking was highly recommended on several sites and the reviews looked very encouraging.

What has changed in your business since you started using Webba Booking?
Webba Booking has allowed us to take control of our dine-in reservations. By making this in-house, we no longer have to rely on third-party platforms which take a $1.50 per pax commission for every booking made. We’ve saved a substantial amount and the fact that Webba Booking is a white-label solution means that we’re able to retain our branding as well.

What plugin features are most important to you?
Being able to have full control over almost every aspect of the reservations that come streaming in. Plus, the support has been fantastic right from the start – something that we’re especially grateful for as the F&B industry constantly tackles revisions in response to the covid-19 situation.

Is it easy for your customers to book with Webba?
Absolutely. It’s simple and intuitive.

Webba for you is …..? Please write 1-3 words.
A lifesaver, honestly.

Are you satisfied with our tech support or is there anything to improve?
Couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with (Special shoutout to Ivan – thanks for always going above and beyond).

What would you like to add to the plugin?
Perhaps a feature to send automated emails that follow up on guest experiences. More so for drip marketing – asking for reviews, sending reminders after guests are inactive for a period, etc. But that’s just nitpicking – the plugin is great as it is now. One of the best decisions I’ve made for our website.

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