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How To Start Massage Business: A Guide In 6 Simple Steps

How To Start Massage Business

Whether you love pampering people, or just see the potential in starting a massage business, taking control of your financial future starts here!

Being your own boss is great, and being able to do it while helping other people recharge and recover is priceless. You absolutely have to be passionate about people if you want to open a massage business. 

There are a lot of boxes you need to tick if a popular and busy business iis what you’re after, but we’re here to help. We know you’re wondering how to start a massage business, and in this article, we’ll guide you on how to get started.

First, let’s look at some benefits of starting your own massage business:

  • You can decide how many hours a day and days a week you want to work. 
  • You can choose the ideal location for your business.
  • You can set your own prices. 
  • Noticing all the smiling faces walking out after a great massage will make you feel good. 

Starting your own business and making it a success is an achievement you can be proud of. 

It’s easy to stay motivated to make your dreams come true if you get such great things out of starting your own massage business. 

Now it is time to share our top tips with you so you can start a lucrative business. 

Steps to Starting a Massage Business

Steps to Starting a Massage Business

There are a few key things you have to think of when you’re getting things up and running, but luckily, you don’t need a lot of cash to get things going. Your massage business will be up and running in no time if you follow these tips. 

1. Determine the Location

Where you plan to open your massage business has a big impact on your bottom line. Here are some of the options you have:

  • Rent office space. 
  • Work from home. 
  • Choose to go mobile. 
  • Work at a hotel, resort, or on a cruise ship.  

Each choice has their pros and cons. For example, if you work from home, you won’t have to rent the space and your monthly expenses will be significantly less.

When you work in the hospitality industry, you’re basically guaranteed to have feet through your door daily without you having to do much marketing; however, although you’ll be your own boss, you’ll still have to answer to the management of the establishment. 

If you’re considering working from home, you have to be 100% sure that you’re comfortable with allowing strangers into your house. Having a separate room to turn into a massage room is essential as having a joint setup with your living room will be off-putting to some clients.

There’s also the noise issue to consider. Living with a noisy family member or next to a neighbour who likes to blast music 24/7 is not going to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

2. Create Your Business Plan

business plan

There’s this saying, “If you plan to fail, you’re planning to fail.” That is especially true when you’re starting your own massage business. Think of your business plan as a map to success.

You have to consider:

  • What your start-up costs will be. 
  • What equipment and supplies you need to open. 
  • What marketing methods you’ll use. 
  • What the best price is to charge for your services. 

Your ultimate destination is opening your massage business and your business plan is the map—scattered with pit-stops—to help you stay on track until you get where you want to be. 

3. Get Your Paperwork in Order 

If you haven’t gotten your massage certifications in order, then now is the time. Technically, it is not a must to be certified in some states, but clients tend to prefer supporting a massage business where qualified practitioners work. 

Research the legal requirements of the state you stay in or plan to work in. If your state requires you to have a license to practice, then it’s time to hit the books and learn about the human body. Getting certified takes time and you may have to write multiple exams, so remember to include this in your planning. 

On the financial side, you will have to register for state and federal taxes. To do that, you’ll need to get an Employer Identification Number.

4. Market Your Business

So you’ve done all the boring yet super important stuff: choosing the location, creating a business plan, and making sure you’re certified and ready to pay taxes. Now starts the fun! Marketing is such a creative process; most people enjoy it very much. 

You can decide what avenue you want to follow or you can make yourself known on them all. It depends on how much time (and in some cases, money) you have. So, let’s look at the various marketing methods you can use:

Social Media

social media

There’s no easier way to get your business out there than on social media. You can create a Facebook page where you share topics related to your business.

For example, massage usually ties in with mindfulness practice and relaxation, so when you’re not posting business specific content, you can share inspirational messages, etc. 

Don’t forget about Instagram and TikTok; the bigger your presence on social media, the bigger your potential client base. 

Paid Ads

For extra oomph on social media, consider making use of paid ads. You can advertise to draw in new customers to your opening, but don’t stop there.

Let’s say you’re planning a special offer for Valentine’s Day; you can let everyone know by placing an ad on Google, Facebook, or Instagram a week or two before the day. These ads aren’t too expensive, and they’re a viable option for startup businesses to get the word out. 


Invite a few select family members and some special friends over for a massage. They’ll be so grateful (and impressed) that they’ll tell everyone they know how wonderful they feel after getting a massage from you. Before you know it, their friends and extended family will be lining up in front of your business’s door.  


The internet informs a lot of people’s lives. Let’s say someone is in the mood for a massage, they’re not going to get up, grab the local classifieds, and scan for a massage business in their area.

That’s so last decade!

Nowadays, people pick up their phone, type in, “massage service near me,” and start looking for one they like. If you don’t have a website for them to visit, they don’t have much to go on and may decide to go to one of your competitors. 

A website is a valuable tool to showcase your business before anyone even sets foot through your door. You can ask someone to design it for you, or you can do it yourself. Since you’re only now starting out, you may want to save money and use WordPress to create your own website. 

There are a lot of templates for you to choose from that you can customize to fit the look and feel of your business.

The fact that you get various plugins that can help you run your business better is another plus point when building a website on WordPress. One such plugin is Webba Booking, an online booking system with email and SMS appointment reminders, and online payment capabilities among others. 

5. Hire Some Extra Hands

Hire extra hands

You’ll soon have too many appointments for only two hands. Not to mention that giving massages takes a toll on one’s hands and wrists and you may need some time to recover. When this happens, it’s best to hire an extra pair of hands to help lessen the load. The good thing is that when your business gets so busy that you need to bring in someone else to help, you’ll be able to afford it. 

You just have to make sure the person you hire has the same skill and qualifications as you, and the same work ethic. This person is representing your business, so make the right choice! 

6. Do Your Best

The fact that you decided to start your own massage business means that you’re doing something you love. This makes it easier to give it your all.

On the days that you’re overtired, stressed about finance, and second-guessing your decision, still do your best. Seeing a relaxed client leave the premises after getting a great massage from you is sure to make you feel better.

Remember, happy clients mean repeat business and referrals, which will lead to the long-term success of your massage business. 

BONUS Tip: Manage Your Appointments Online

Using an appointment booking and scheduling app can open up a lot of your time. You won’t need to be attached to your phone all day or carry your appointment book with you as everything will take place online.

Webba Booking is reliable and easy to use, and it integrates with apps such as Google Calendar to make sure you never miss an appointment. But you should be more worried about your clients missing their massage appointments because that will affect your bottom line negatively.

That’s where Webba’s email and SMS appointment reminder functionality comes in handy. You can customise the messages and decide when you want to send them. 

You may be a new business owner, but you can run your business like a pro thanks to Webba Booking

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