How to build your email list using quizzes?

How often do you leave your email for updates? How often do you register via personal information when you find yourself on a newly found website. I bet not often. Each of us leaves an email address either when we trust that certain blog or forum or when we are actually interested in the content. In fact, it is not easy to receive an email from a website visitor. All these email addresses of buyers, visitors, or just people interested in your content will finally make an email list. Website owners and marketers spend a lot of money to build a desirable email list. But why? Оf course every website owner once wondered: why do I need an email list? Why are email lists important? 

  1. Firstly, being on social media for running a business isn’t enough. With emails, you can interact directly with your customers (also potential ones). You can show them an individual approach, ask their opinion about novelties and make them feel valued. If you want to have loyal customers you should not skip the step of building an email list.
  2. By the way, did you know that 99 percent of email users check their email every day? That is mainly the first thing email users do online. That makes email marketing the number one driver of sales.
  3. An email list helps you send newsletters to many clients and potential clients at once. You can remind customers of your brand, interest, and inform them about upcoming events or news. The email list will help you get in touch with the ones who are actually interested in your product or service without wasting time.

The Best way to build an email list with WordPress: Email list generator quizzes

Sending emails is another matter, but convincing them to leave the email in order to contact him later is quite another. As you already understood, you will not be able to make him/her leave an email address. The only way is to interest a visitor so much that he himself wants to subscribe to your newsletter. One of the win-win strategies is the quiz. Quiz plugins in WordPress are intended not only to entertain visitors. They can conduct multiple useful operations: one of them is collecting emails. Let’s look at the example of one plugin.

Quiz Maker plugin is a great WordPress plugin that will definitely help you build an email subscriber list. Its variety of features allows you to build any kind of fascinating and challenging quizzes, games, and exams. It all depends on what kind of platform you have. It could be an educational platform, an online psychology blog, a website for games. So it is not only an entertaining plugin but also an exam plugin, quiz and certification plugin, WordPress email list plugin, and so forth. The main thing is to understand who your real and potential are and what they need. Let’s take a look at some quiz examples that will help you build an email list fast.

Language level test with certificate

These days the majority of teachers prefer conducting exams and tests online. Besides, some students tend to use educational platforms to find out their language level. That’s why people do not hesitate to leave their email addresses to get the results and certificates of their tests. With the advanced features of the Quiz Maker plugin, you can create online exams with certificates and require an email after completing them. Your educational platform will become much more professional with these certificates and you will effectively grow your email list. With the Quiz Maker plugin’s tutorials and articles, you can easily learn how to create an Online Exam with a certificate. You can make quizzes with a navigation bar, timer, and copy protection.

Psychology test

Everyone likes to know more about themselves. That is why psychology and personality quizzes are so popular these days. They are extra entertaining and funny, but with the Quiz Maker plugin, they can also become an effective marketing tool. If you run a psychology blog or entertaining website you will obviously need them. You can make a password-protected personality quiz and require an email address to send the password. It is easy to create a personality quiz with the Quiz Maker plugin.

Leaderboard quiz

What can make classes and games more competitive? Definitely, leaderboards. Each of the quiz takers would like to be on the leaders list no matter what kind of quiz it is. That is a great way to make online classes much more productive and interesting․ You can make your leaderboard quiz for logged-in users so that quiz takers could pass it only if they have got an account on your website. This way, you can add a quiz leaderboard in WordPress, collect emails and build an email list easily.

Pros and cons of collecting email addresses with Quiz Plugin

No matter how easy and inexpensive it is to collect email addresses via quizzes, this way also has its disadvantages. But let me first generalize the advantages of this email-generating method.

  • As I already mentioned building a quiz is much more inexpensive than other methods of marketing. 
  • People like passing tests and it’s unobtrusive to ask their email after they have just passed one.
  • Building a quiz is funny and time-saving. You can do it without wasting your time.

Obviously, collecting emails with quizzes has its own disadvantages, as well as anything else.

  • If your quizzes are not interesting enough, quiz takers could leave them in the middle of the quiz. In this case, you will get incomplete quizzes and no email addresses.
  • If your website’s theme is extra strict, serious, or not educational you can hardly use entertaining quizzes for your website.
  • Quiz takers can accidentally misspell their email addresses and it will make it impossible to get in touch with them. But if you conduct quizzes on a regular basis you could escape this problem.

Hope this article was useful and informative. Use the advantages of WordPress plugins and get your business to the next level!

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