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5 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins in 2023

hotel booking plugins

Running a hotel website on WordPress requires a reliable WordPress hotel booking plugin to let customers make reservations online. 

And, the better the plugin, the easier it is for you to manage guest reservations and stay on top of your hotel business.

Fortunately, there are quite a few powerful hotel booking plugins out there that you can choose from. 

To help make your choice easier, we reviewed five of the best WordPress reservation systems to determine who they’re best for.

What To Look for in a WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

For any type of hospitality business reservation system, including restaurant and hotel reservation systems, there are a few key features you should check for before you commit to a booking plugin. These include:

  • Customizable appearance (to match your site and brand guidelines)
  • Fully flexible scheduling options
  • Simple admin that you can teach to key employs
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Various secure online payment options
  • Integrations with other apps you use (such as two-way Google Calendar integration)

5 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins

We reviewed the following hotel booking plugins for WordPress:

  1. WEBBA Booking – overall the most flexible hotel booking plugin for WordPress
  2. WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress – good for managing non-traditional rental properties
  3. HBook – works seamlessly with your existing WordPress site theme 
  4. WP Booking System – built for managing different types of rental businesses
  5. Booking Calendar – simple and straightforward

WEBBA Booking

webba booking best booking and appointment plugin

WEBBA Booking is at the top of our list of the best hotel WordPress plugins because it’s built specifically for WordPress. This makes it an incredibly flexible choice when it comes to reservation systems for hotel booking websites.

WEBBA Booking has extensive booking functionality, comprehensive appearance customization options, and straightforward backend administration. 

Additionally, WEBBA offers email and SMS notifications and reminders for reservation updates, secure online payments (through WooCommerce, Stripe, and PayPal), two-way Google Calendar integration, and more.

User reviews show that customers love the modern look and feel, good customer support, and overall flexibility of WEBBA.

Pricing for WEBBA Booking Premium starts at $89/year/site. There is a free lite version available as well.


  • Built specifically for WordPress
  • Highly flexible booking functionality
  • Simple admin
  • Tons of appearance customization options
  • Secure payments via WooCommerce, Stripe, and PayPal
  • Two-way Google Calendar syncing


  • Only works for hotel reservation websites built on WordPress

Who is it for?

Best for hotel reservation websites built using WordPress that need a feature-rich, flexible booking system.

WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by motors

WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by motopress

The WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress is an all-in-one vacation property reservation system for WordPress that’s good for managing various different types of vacation rentals, such as apartments, hostels, BnBs, campsites, and more.

For users that run these types of non-traditional vacation rentals, the MotoPress plugin may offer a solution that’s easy to set up and use. However, it might lack some of the customization options required by many types of more traditional hotel reservation sites.

Pricing for the WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress starts at $99/site. You must also pay a yearly licensing fee for continued access to updates and support.


  • Can work for a variety of vacation rental types
  • Allows unlimited property listings
  • Clean interface


  • Users report problems with support and updates
  • Lacks customization options
  • Limited functionality for certain types of reservation systems

Who is it for?

Best for rental property owners that manage non-traditional vacation rentals and don’t require extensive customization or functionality.



HBook is a well-established WordPress hotel booking plugin that adapts to your existing WordPress theme, so you don’t have to customize it yourself. 

This makes it great for those who just want to implement a hotel reservation system without worrying too much about the design end of things. However, it could be a drawback if you want a hotel booking plugin with more appearance customization options.

Pricing for HBook starts at $65 with unlimited six months of support. You then have to pay up to $56 every six months for continued support and additional payment gateways (other than included PayPal and Stripe) cost $39 each.


  • Can offer discounts and coupons
  • Uses the design of your existing WordPress theme
  • Includes Stripe and PayPal payment gateways


  • Limited appearance customization options
  • Have to pay for additional payment gateway integrations separately

Who is it for?

Best for hotel booking website owners who want a WordPress hotel booking plugin that uses their site’s existing theme.

WP Booking System

WP Booking System

WP Booking System is a WordPress reservation system that can be used to manage different types of rental businesses, from hotel reservations to vehicle and equipment rentals. You can use this system to create custom booking forms to suit your needs. 

This could make WP Booking System a good choice if you rent other things to customers in addition to just rooms. For example, if you manage vacation rental properties where guests can also rent recreational vehicles or equipment, WP Booking System could be right for you.

Like other WordPress hotel booking plugins on this list, you can also take payments at the time of reservations via many different payment gateways integrated with WP Booking System.

Pricing for WP Booking System starts at $59/year/site.


  • Allows you to manage different types of rentals
  • Can accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, Square, GoPay, and more
  • Tailored SMS and email notifications and reminders


  • Only works with iCalendar

Who is it for?

Best for vacation rental businesses that rent out vehicles, equipment, or services in addition to rooms.

Booking Calendar

booking calengar restaurants

Booking Calendar for WordPress is one of the original calendar plugins for WordPress, having been released in 2009.

One advantage of using a plugin that’s been around for so long is that they’ve had plenty of time to iron out the kinks, and using Booking Calendar is very simple and straightforward.

That being said, Booking Calendar is intended for use by a wide range of business types, and thus isn’t tailored specifically to the hotel and vacation rental industry. It might be overly simplified for the needs of some rental businesses.

Pricing for Booking Calendar starts at $47.40 for the single-site, personal edition.


  • Has been around for a long time
  • Lots of calendar integrations
  • Very user friendly and easy to set up


  • Limited design options (have to use code to really customize it)
  • May be too simple for some types of rental businesses

Who is it for?

Best for rental business operators looking for a very simple hotel booking plugin for WordPress who don’t need a lot of customizability.

Wrapping Up

With the right WordPress hotel plugin, you can better manage reservations for your rental business and keep guests updated about any changes to their reservations.

This not only makes your life easier, but contributes to a better overall customer experience for your guests.

Ultimately, this helps ensure that your vacation rental business runs as smoothly as possible and keeps your guests coming back to stay with you!

When picking a WordPress reservation system for your site, make sure to keep in mind who each of the plugins discussed above is best for to help you decide. 
If you’re still not sure where to start, we highly recommend giving WEBBA Booking a try today!

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