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5 Best Restaurant Booking Systems For Your WordPress Website

best restaurant booking system

Running a busy restaurant is a complicated business, which is why you should implement a restaurant booking system to automate your reservations and make your life easier.

With the right online reservation system, your customers can easily make restaurant reservations, and you can focus on providing the best food and service possible!

How To Choose a Restaurant Booking System?

There are many different restaurant reservation systems out there, so it’s important to know what to look for to make sure you choose the right one.

For starters, if your restaurant’s website is built on WordPress, you’ll want to make sure your restaurant reservation system is compatible with (and preferably designed for) WordPress sites.

Next, you should take a look at the features of any restaurant booking system you’re considering to make sure it has the following:

  • Customizable appearance to make it match your restaurant’s website
  • Flexible reservation options for making reservations for different numbers of people
  • Notifications and reminders to remind you and customers of upcoming reservations
  • Responsive design so it works well from all devices
  • Online payment options in case you require a deposit for reservations
  • Calendar integrations so you can sync it with your existing calendars

If you choose a reservation system with the above features, you should have all the functionality you need to make your reservations run smoothly.

5 Restaurant Booking Systems for WordPress Websites

Here are the top five restaurant reservation systems we will be reviewing:

  1. WEBBA Booking – the most powerful, flexible plugin for restaurant reservation sites built on WordPress.
  2. resOS – a user-friendly restaurant booking system with customer profiles.
  3. Resy – a reservations, waitlist, and table management system with integrations.
  4. Booking Calendar – a simple WordPress booking plugin for restaurants.
  5. Five Star Restaurant Reservations –  a no-frills restaurant booking form for WordPress.

WEBBA Booking

webba booking plugin

WEBBA Booking is the best WordPress booking plugins for a variety of applications, including making restaurant reservations.

Since it’s specifically designed to work with WordPress, WEBBA is very easy to set up on your restaurant’s WordPress site. The reservation plugin is intuitive to use for both you and your customers, yet also highly customizable and full of powerful features.

WEBBA has a fully responsive design, so customers will be able to make a reservation at your restaurant from any of their mobile devices.

The plugin also has full two-way integration with Google Calendar. So, if you already use Google Calendar to manage reservations and events at your restaurant, incorporating WEBBA will be seamless. 

When a customer reserves or cancels a table, WEBBA automatically updates your Google Calendar. Likewise, if you add or remove reservations manually, Google Calendar automatically updates your WEBBA restaurant reservation website (and notifies customers).

Existing users of WEBBA Booking emphasize the platform’s flexibility, excellent customer support, and modern look and feel as some of the highlights of using WEBBA.

WEBBA Booking offers a free lite version and WEBBA Premium starts at $89/year for a one-website pro plan or $259 for a lifetime pro plan.

WEBBA Booking Pros:

  • Built specifically for WordPress
  • 80+ appearance customization options
  • Free and Premium versions available
  • Excellent support
  • Fully responsive design
  • Two-way integration with Google Calendar
  • Allows for payments at time of reservation
  • Various types of notifications

WEBBA Booking Cons:

  • Only for WordPress
  • Free version lacks some features of Premium

Who’s It For?

WEBBA Booking is for any restaurant businesses that run their sites on WordPress and want a powerful, flexible online restaurant reservation system.


resOS is a user-friendly restaurant reservation system for restaurants of all sizes. The platform places a big emphasis on usability for both restaurant staff and customers.

Guests can use resOS to book tables, make changes to reservations, and even prepay.

One notable feature of resOS is that it automatically creates customer profiles for people who have reserved at your restaurant. These allow you to keep track of customer preferences for regulars, make notes about VIP customers, and flag bad customers.

resOS is free for up to 25 reservations a month, which is very limiting for most restaurants. Paid plans start at $35/month for up to 350 reservations and go up to $95/month for unlimited reservations.

resOS Pros:

  • Very user friendly
  • Creates customer profiles of anyone who reserves
  • Allows for pre-payments, deposits, and no-show fees

resOS Cons:

  • Free version doesn’t offer enough reservations for most restaurants
  • Can get quite expensive if you have a lot of reservations
  • Not made specifically for WordPress

Who’s It For?

resOS is for restaurants who want a user-friendly reservation system that automatically creates customer profiles.


Resy is a restaurant reservation system that offers mobile booking, POS integration, and table management features. Resy also allows you to manage waitlists in your restaurant.

When guests make a reservation through Resy, they can provide details about dietary restrictions or special occasions to customize their dining experience.

Customers can also cancel or confirm their reservations, or let you know when they’re running late, via text.

Resy has many integrations with sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Airbnb to make it easier for guests to make online reservations for your restaurant.

Unfortunately, there is no free version of Resy, and the basic plan starts at $249/month, so this platform can be quite expensive for most restaurants.

Resy Pros:

  • Offers reservation, waitlist, and table management
  • Provides different ways for customers to communicate about their reservations
  • Integrates with other sites your restaurant may be listed on

Resy Cons:

  • Not made specifically for WordPress
  • Very expensive

Who’s It For?

Resy is for restaurant owners who want a booking system that integrates with other restaurant listing sites to help get more reservations.

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a simple WordPress booking plugin that can be used for taking restaurant reservations.

Guests can search for available time slots and make restaurant reservations, and you’ll get notified and can manage reservations from the intuitive admin panel.

The plugin is somewhat customizable, and has a fully responsive design, so it should look good on most sites and devices.

Pricing for Booking Calendar starts at $89.40 for a small business plan (this is a one-time fee).

Booking Calendar Pros:

  • Designed for WordPress
  • Intuitive and simple
  • One-time cost

Booking Calendar Cons:

  • May be overly simple for some restaurants
  • Have to pay 50% of original cost for updates after the first six months

Who’s It For?

Booking Calendar is for restaurants who want a simple reservation booking system for WordPress.

Five Star Restaurant Reservations

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a booking form for WordPress that’s designed specifically for restaurants.

The plugin allows you to create a custom, responsive restaurant reservation form to take bookings that you can easily add to any page of your WordPress site.

You can quickly reject or confirm reservations, and both you and your customers receive email notifications regarding bookings.

Although it’s very easy to set up and use, Five Star Restaurant Reservations is really just a custom booking form and email notification system — there’s no admin panel or any extras.

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is free to download.

Five Star Restaurant Reservations Pros:

  • Designed for restaurant bookings
  • Made for WordPress
  • Free

Five Star Restaurant Reservations Cons:

  • Is basically just a custom form and email notification system

Who’s It For?

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a booking form for anyone who wants a very basic way to take reservations via WordPress.

Conclusion on the Best Restaurant Booking System for WordPress

After reviewing the five online restaurant reservation systems for WordPress sites mentioned above, we can say with certainty that we’re still partial to WEBBA Booking. 

The fact that WEBBA is designed specifically for WordPress makes it incredibly easy to set up and use on any WordPress site, but it’s not overly simple like other WordPress booking plugins.

WEBBA has tons of customization options, so it seamlessly blends in with your site’s theme, and it has all the powerful features you need in a restaurant booking system.

We highly recommend you try WEBBA Booking for automating your restaurant reservation site today!

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