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8 Appointment Reminder Templates To Email Your Clients

appointment reminder template

If you want to run a successful business, you need to get clients to show up. This is especially true if you have a small business where missed appointments affect your bottom line.

Calling clients may seem like a good way to ensure they keep their appointments, but it can be cumbersome and an inefficient approach to take nowadays. Email appointment reminders are far superior when it comes to jogging your client’s memory. It saves you time and money, and, best yet, appointment reminders get feet through your door. 

Writing an appointment reminder can be a daunting task if you’re used to confirming appointments telephonically or not used to it at all. But we’ve got you covered with some handy appointment reminder templates to fit your business.

Tips For Writing Appointment Reminder Emails

Before we get to the templates, it is important to know how to remind someone about an appointment using emails. 

When you write an appointment reminder email, you should include the following:

  • The name of your business
  • The location of your business
  • The date and time of the appointment
  • A description of what the appointment is about
  • The cost of any services
  • Information on how clients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule 

You also have to consider when you’ll be sending out appointment reminder emails. Sending it out immediately after the booking is made has its pros and cons; it may be too early and your client may forget. If this is your preferred time, we recommend you send a follow-up appointment reminder email 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Some businesses go as far as emailing their clients as a reminder an hour before they’re meant to arrive. Ultimately, you can send only one email, or decide on all three—it all depends on what works for your business. 

You can use Webba Booking plugin to make booking and scheduling for your WordPress site easy. It is a great way to optimise your time and automate your business to make sure your clients walk through your door every time they have an appointment.

Also, to cover clients who are on the go and don’t check their email regularly, you can send an appointment reminder text message instead. These messages can be a bit shorter and include only your business name, the date and time of the appointment, and how they can confirm. However, with Webba Booking you can fully customize both email and SMS reminders.

8 Appointment Reminder Templates

appointment reminder template

Now that you know these tips on how and when to send an email appointment reminder, it is time to make your life easier by sharing some appointment reminder templates. 

Formal Appointment Reminder Template

Formal appointment reminder emails may seem particularly tricky to write but when you use the right tone and language, they’re straightforward:

Dear [client name],

We’re sending this friendly reminder confirming your coming appointment with [business name] on [date and time]. Please arrive 15 minutes early and remember to bring [all the necessary documents].

If you need to reschedule or have any questions, please call us at [business phone] between [open and close times].

We look forward to seeing you on [date and time].

Kind regards,

[Business name]

Casual Appointment Reminder Template

Some businesses take a more laid-back approach with their email reminders. There’s nothing wrong with that if they have a casual setup. 

Hey there, [client’s first name],

This is a friendly reminder that you have an appointment at [business name] on [date and time]. 

If you can’t make it and want to reschedule, don’t hesitate to call us at [business phone]. We’re also available to answer any questions you might have between [operating hours] on [business day]. 

See you soon. 


[Business name]

Fun Appointment Reminder Template

If you own a fun business like a party venue, your clients may appreciate a fun email appointment reminder. You can catch their attention with a silly subject line such as, “We’re excited to see you [client’s name].”

Hi there! 

We’re super excited to see you tomorrow on [date and time] for your event. We’re counting the minutes. 

Just a quick reminder to:

  • Get here 15 minutes earlier so we can get all the formalities out of the way and start having fun as soon as possible! 
  • Bring all the boring but very necessary paperwork. 

If something comes up and you need to reschedule, please let us know. It’s no fun getting stood up! 

You can get hold of us on [business phone]. We’re ready to help you during [business hours] on [business days]. 

See you soon. 

[Business name]

Short Appointment Reminder Template 

Sometimes it’s best to keep things short and sweet. If your clients are pressed for time, you don’t want to send them long appointment reminder emails. They may get annoyed, so just write the most necessary information. Think of it as a formal reminder but kept to the point.

Dear [client name],

We just want to confirm your appointment at [business name] on [date and time].

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please respond to this email or give us a call on [business phone].

Kind regards,

[Business name]

New Client Appointment Reminder Template 

Clients who haven’t been to your establishment yet may feel somewhat apprehensive depending on the type of business it is. For new clients, it is best to write an appointment reminder email that not only contains all the necessary information but also shows them that they can expect a warm welcome.  

Dear [client name], 

We look forward to your very first appointment at [business name]. Please remember to bring all the required documentation. 

If you can’t make the appointment and would like to reschedule or cancel, you can reach us at [business number]. We’re ready to help you anytime during [operating hours] on [business days]. 

Should you have any questions about your first visit to [business name], please get in touch. 

Looking forward to seeing you,

[Business name]

Beauty Salon Appointment Reminder Template

There are different approaches you can take when you send a beauty salon email appointment reminder. You can take a more formal approach or keep it casual. Below is an example of a more casual reminder.

Dear [client name],

We hope you’re ready for your next pamper session on [date and time] at [business name]. We can’t wait to help you relax and recharge your batteries.

If you’re unable to make it, please let us know by phoning [business number] anytime during [business hours] You can also reach us on the same number if you have any questions regarding your appointment. Please ask for Julia as she will be taking care of you on the day.

See you soon!

[Business name]

Medical Appointment Reminder Template

Reminding patients of their appointments is pretty straightforward. You can keep these emails fairly short and to the point. 

Good day [patient name], 

This is a reminder of your consultation on [date and time] with Dr. Barlow at [address]. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill out paperwork if it is your first time visiting Dr. Barlow. 

If you have to reschedule, please phone reception at [telephone number] for a new available date and time. Please keep in mind that if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may have to wait and there is a possibility that we’ll have to reschedule to Dr. Barlow’s next available appointment. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Stay healthy! 

[Receptionist name]

Dental Appointment Reminder Template

This reminder is formulated much like the medical appointment reminder email. However, if you are reminding an existing patient of a procedure, you can get a little more creative. 

Dear [patient name],

It’s time for us to brighten your smile during your upcoming appointment with Dr. Geller. 

In case you want to cancel or reschedule your dental appointment, please phone us at [phone number]. We will be available to help you between [operating hours] on [business days]. 

If you’re still excited to get your teeth cleaned, we look forward to seeing you on [appointment date and time].

Until then, keep on smiling. 


How to Automate Your Appointments

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