Get Webba Booking for $39

55% of appointments are done online after office hours !

The idea of developing Webba Booking is pure coincidence. One evening I thought it would be nice if I remembered to make an appointment with my hairdresser the next day. A thing I have repeated myself can be weeks. I realized that I often delayed my visit to the hairdresser for a month. In doing so, I go there every three months now, and I should go there every two months.

What makes a shortfall (I let you do the accounts) for my dear hairdresser because it does not have a website and especially that one can not reach him outside the opening hours.

Afterward, I also told myself that, well, I’m a geek, I do a lot of thing on the internet because I’ve been in it professionally for 20 years, that I do not represent the majority. But by questioning others about their everyday behavior with the internet, I realized how important it is to have an online presence, but especially what can help make the junction between you And your customers.

Until now I was considering the new tools that help this (newsletter, instant messenger) as interesting, as a plus and sometimes even as funny gadgets. I had already heard and read that the money is in the list, I saw quite a lot of people created business models around it but I saw this as something anecdotal.

My point of view has changed a lot and reading with reference to what is the title of this article, make me say today that neglecting these communication tools for its business means forgetting to consider the starting point of any Business: the way to make money. We can no longer think of internet site equal just a kind of modern brochure, it must be beautiful to interest people, and so on … No, a website is more than that, and this must include all the means that make it comfortable Communication between you and your customers.

A booking system is to consider as an indispensable part of your puzzle but don’t forget to consider all possible (newsletter, instant messaging, push notification, CRM tools …), obviously, no need to talk about the presence of your phone or traditional form of contact.