Discover our examples that cover different workflows or illustrate some of the options below. Note that all can be combined logically.

Extended mode

For advanced flexible time search
for your customer.

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Basic mode

Easy and fast booking process
with a minimum of questions.

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Username : guest
Password : webba

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Chain booking

Example with
Auto lock appointments.

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Group booking

Case of reservation of several people at the same time.

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In the case where you want
an online payment with PayPal.

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Multiple selection

Allow your customers to book multiple time slots in one session.

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Time zone

Case you need to display your customer’s local time in the form.

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Date range

Case you allow services for specific periods, for limited durations.

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Skip time

You need for your customers to choose just a date.

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One service

Case of one Person Company. Direct to date and time selection.

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Google Calendar

Appointments or reservations data sent to Google Calendar.

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Your Events

Your company organise conferences or other.

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The design of booking forms can be completely customized according to your needs. Click here for more information.
You can also use custom fields to suit your needs.